Szkolenia Yuneec

Yuneec drones are becoming more and more popular nowadays. Thanks to high quality and high reliability, more and more users choose it. To meet their needs, our company offers product training in the field of drone service brand Yuneec. We offer one-day training in the operation of all Yuneec drones, which are available in our offer. Each training consists of a theoretical and practical part.

Drony yuneec

The theoretical part consists of:
- discuss the contents of the set and the functions of each of its elements
- discuss the construction and operation of the drone
- discuss flight rules taking into account the possibility of equipment limitations
- talk about preparations for the start

The practical part consists of:
- selection of battery charging parameters
- an independent binding process for the drone and camera with the apparatus
- prepare the drone for the flight
- performing an independent flight under the supervision of an instructor. Product training taking place in our company are conducted by experienced instructors in small groups of up to 8 people. On request, we can organize individual product training in the field of servicing Yuneec drones. The condition to take part in the training is to have your own drone.