Yuneec Europe warranty claim procedure:

Detailed process for submitting a warranty claim directly from the manufacturer - Click and download

If you are experiencing technical problems with your drone and have not found a solution in the FAQ or user manual, then you can contact our technical department. Together we will try to find a solution, or assess whether the fault may be covered by the warranty.


Need technical support?

You can speed up the support of your product by preparing a set of information.

Gather it before contacting us - preferably note it down and send it in five points:  

1. what's broken? (What symptoms do you observe?)

2. when did it break? (In flight, after a software update or other situation?)

3. how did it go wrong? (Is the fault permanent or does it occur in specific situations?)

4. have you received any error messages? (If so, make a note of them.)

5. If possible, take photographs or film the symptoms of the fault. Also have your device's serial number ready, as well as the number of the firmware you are using.

Contact for technical support: or +48 535 250 055